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Bildiğin buzu dökmüş suda koymamış sanırım:D

Istanbul’s amazing book benches

Benches placed in puclic places such as parks and bus tops all over the city. The project covers the works of 18 classic Turkish authors and each bench is opened in the most memorable page of the book.

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#IceBucketChallenge kivanc tatlitug (x)

Wesley Sneijder challenged kivanc (x) (x) and kivanc challenged  kerem katay, ece yörenç and farah zeynep abdullah <3


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- Don’t you trust me?

- What kind of question is this, Ayaz? Of course, I don’t trust you.

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-Are you still in love with Mete?

- No! I’m not in love with Mete any more!

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